puppy fever: we haz it.


the puppy himself won’t be coming home to live with us until mid-october.

also, we’re not sure which one will be him, because there are 4 and they are all AMAZING.

which i suppose is not the greatest surprise, since they are four weeks old and cuter than anything i’ve ever seen, let alone held in my hands.

here’s a glimpse of our top two choices, in action:

and….. more stills, cuz i just can’t help myself:





(momma, nursing)

(poppa, being lovely)



2 responses to “puppy fever: we haz it.

  1. Just skimming through. I love puppies. My babysitter comes over all the time with hers.

    • Wow, it’s amazing to be reminded of this post… That little black puppy, which is the one we ended up adopting, has grown into a 35 pound wonder dog, who is all skinny legs and long snout! But he still likes to sleep in my arms.

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