really, badges would be so much more satisfying.

it’s the end of week 1 of my electrician pre-apprenticeship program: only 24 left to go!

as i’d hoped, the set-up is very much like girl guides: you get this massive stack of modules (badges!) to study, and when you think you’re ready to complete the requirements for one of them, you go to an instructor and they have you write the appropriate exam. if you get 80% or higher, you’ve passed.

thus far, i’ve completed my “learning skills”, “safe work practices”, and “mathematics” modules, and am feeling pretty good about it.   however!  i wish we *did* get badges for each module, because a simple signature on my program status sheet is not nearly as satisfying as an embroidered doohicky… i could sew them onto my leather jacket.

yeah, that’s how i roll.


4 responses to “really, badges would be so much more satisfying.

  1. Hahahaha. When I found out hashing came with badges, I was sold.

  2. Three modules in a week? That’s a lot, isn’t it?

    • feralgeographer

      heh heh… it is and it isn’t. the beginning modules are fairly easy, with few “labs” (practical components that need to be signed off by an instructor before you can write the exam)… later on, i’ll be lucky to complete one module a week!

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