unsurprising thing about me #629…







…i really love rusty things.

(photos from tonight’s evening walk around town)

on a completely different topic, i’ve suddenly got a borrowed car arranged so that oats and i can go to the pride celebrations in our friends’ small town this weekend!  it’s about a 3 hour drive away, and i’d thought we’d miss it, but things are working out.  i’m stoked:  having spent most of my life in toronto, and then in this city, i’m pretty used to pride festivals that are either huge and crazy or very full of ex-lovers, former roommates, and past collaborators from activist projects.  the few times i’ve been to vancouver pride i’ve been weirded out by my anonymity, even though i know that most of those throngs are strangers to one another as well.  this’ll be different though:  i won’t know anyone except oats and friends, but the crowd will be smaller and more familiar to one another.  will they welcome strangers?  will they even notice that i am one?  will there even be a crowd? do i have too many urban-centric ideas about what small towns are like?

should be an educational experience, even if it simply gets me to shut up and listen more.

also, there’s been talk of tubing down a river, which would be excellent because it’s stupidly hot.


2 responses to “unsurprising thing about me #629…

  1. Hold on, where in Canada are you presently living? There’ll still be Pboro Pride sometime in September (if we don’t wait for the student population to come back, it’ll be an empty pride.) If you come back for Pboro Pride that would be equal to (very) small town + people you’ll know (too small– you’ll still know people after all these years!)

  2. feralgeographer

    september, hey? well, i *might* make it to The Village in october, but otherwise it’s too far a trek… however, if i do visit, i’ll try to meet up with you so we can have our own queer blogger pride, okay?

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