totally rad birthday awesomeness!

now that i’m all like older and shit, i guess maybe i oughta begin purging my vocabulary of certain childish utterances such as “totally”, “rad”, and  “awesomeness”, not to mention all the swear words.

or i could just say fuck it and get on with my life…




oats made an amazing cake, cuz i think she loves me.  in case you can’t tell, that’s three penguins sitting on an ice shelf in the antarctic ocean.


the penguins are cold, due to some unfortunate freak of evolution or climate, and so have built a fire to keep themselves warm.  please ignore the scientific inaccuracies and celebrate the more important fact that THIS IS AN AMAZING CAKE!!!

and i am very very very lucky, to share my life with oats plus all the other excellent friends who shared in the fun at my barbecue.

even the infamous building manager of monday’s unpleasantness dropped off a bottle of wine with an apology, which was beyond any of my expectations!


6 responses to “totally rad birthday awesomeness!

  1. Well, at last Tux found some friends. Maybe with six wings it’s easier to build a fire.

  2. feralgeographer


  3. Hey!
    I just got back from my three weeks get-away from the world (which brought me to Mexico and Cuba!) It felt really good to read your blog updates over the past weeks. Albeit late, welcome back to Canada and Happy Birthday!
    I like your blog :)

  4. feralgeographer

    hey! thanks for the compliments and birthday wishes, and welcome back yourself! will you be telling us all about your adventures? i certainly hope so… i missed reading your blog while you were away!

  5. let there be no mistaking: you are for sure loved and for sure lucky. and by lucky I mean that good people deserve good love. and good love is precious.

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