begun again.


by the time i left back in april, i’d found loving homes for three of my bicycles, leaving only my fixie, duncan (who is too dear to my heart for me to give away).

i’ve been home for 8 days now, and already the cycle (ha!) has begun again: i found this raleigh frame on the side of the road during a brief walk to the store for dish soap. the paint job’s crap, but the metal appears to be sound… and really, i couldn’t just leave it there.


6 responses to “begun again.

  1. Ah! Someone of my own heart who re-cycles! *grin* Hope this one gives you eh, a great ride!

  2. feralgeographer

    thanks! i’m not certain about it yet… need to take apart the bottom bracket, because it’s a bit crunchy. also, i’m missing the upper assembly of the headset so will need to go through the bins at the community bike shop to see what sorts of replacements i can find. the main thing is, i want to do a bike trip a month from now, and i hope this can be my new geared machine!

  3. Heh. It is your nature. Me, I generally break bike things, though my latest project (norco java) might change that.

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