run down.

am back in canada and glad to be here in the city i’ve called home for these past eight years: summer heat, sunlight until 10 pm, friends and acquaintances at every turn, new plans and schemes for a better way of doing everything.  i have a bad cold that has knocked me on my ass these past several days, and i didn’t get that rad job i interviewed for, but it’s all okay… because gardens are exploding with greenery and produce, and as soon as i have the energy again i’m going to get canning and pickling and jamming.  a friend just harvested her first honey from the bees she got last october, and now my neighbours and i are talking about keeping our own hives on the flat roof of our house.  we celebrated the national holiday with conversations about colonialist/imperialist mindsets in canada vs. australia, cuddling gamin, and drinking too much wine, then later watching bike polo and playing with a baby in a park, while avoiding downtown where the police were illegally searching the bags of pedestrians for alcohol (wtf??!!!).   still haven’t been to the lake, but that’ll happen soon.

i just re-read this post and realized how nonsensical it is, but am going to put it up anyway because i think it’s an accurate representation of how fried i feel right now.  jet-lag plus cold equals one run-down feral g.


2 responses to “run down.

  1. The idea of bike polo makes me giggle.

    Welcome home!

  2. feralgeographer

    thanks, amanda! and yes, bike polo is very amusing, both in idea as well as action!

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