from scratch.


the pattern making course is excellent, and also not what i was expecting. for some reason, i thought we’d be learning techniques for measuring and adjusting ready-made patterns so that we could then use them to sew better fitting clothing. the goal is still that, but we’re actually learning how to do away with commercial patterns altogether, and instead create basic forms specific to our measurements, which we can then use to make our own patterns from scratch.

it’s like learning how to to bake a cake using flour, sugar, baking soda etc. plus your favourite flavourings, after spending your whole life feeling unsatisfied by treats made from a boxed supermarket mix.

someday, i’m going to sew my butch the most perfect suit she’s ever known.


4 responses to “from scratch.

  1. that’s so amazing! the pattern making and the suit! right now, i’m sewing a dress to wear to mi’s brother’s wedding. i found the pattern for free online. it’s working out alright, but definitely needed some extra tailoring after the initial sew was done. can’t wait to see some things that you make. also, will i get to see you before i leave for the bike trip? i’m out of here on july 8th. perhaps a last minute trip to vic next week? when are you back again?…. this should really just transition into an email. i love you!!!!!!!!!!!

    • feralgeographer

      you’re sewing a dress? radness! in my post, i neglected to mention the fact that i’ve actually never used a commercially-made pattern, cuz they intimidate me and i just know i’ll have to make adjustments and it sounds overwhelming. which isn’t to say i don’t buy patterns: they just sit, unused and forlorn. i’m glad you’re giving ’em some love!

      i’m back on saturday; the next weekend is pride, if you want to come over for that! i’ll check w/oats re: you staying w/us, cuz i’m living at her place for the rest of the summer…

  2. yay! a suit for me!! you are the swellest ever.

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