i’m not here.

oats left this morning, and i miss her.  my sadness is tempered by the fact that in one week, she’ll be picking me up at the vancouver airport and spiriting me away to our island home.  fuck, i’m looking forward to that.

i went with her to the airport shuttle, which left from southern cross station at 8:30 am:  it was dark when we got up, and now i’m tired and achy.  it doesn”t help that i fucked-up my back a couple days ago… the muscles are seized in my neck and shoulders and there’s a lot of pain.  aside from these complaints, and the loneliness that comes from the sudden absence of my beloved after 19 days of constant companionship, it was kinda nice to take the tram home from downtown just as all the commuters were heading the other direction.

what else is new?  like i said last post, i’ve applied for two jobs, either of which would be very, very good.  one of them pays really well and is professional-ish, though is a 35-hour workweek and could be a lot more admin tasks than i’m used to, plus involves one or two characters with whom i’ve indirectly had problems in the past… nothing serious, just that their attitudes and ways of working have had a negative impact on projects at a previous job.  i think i’d really like the rest of the staff, and as much as i’d prefer to keep my workweek down to a 30 hour maximum, it would be nice to have the extra income.  the other job is only 15 hours per week, and is everything i’d want in a media/personel position, including a commitment to radical politics and anti-oppressive practices.  it pays less, but i’d be collaborating with great people, and the environment would complement my work at the bike shop as well as the workers’ co-op.  both are union and come with benefits, which is very important cuz i haven’t seen a dentist or had new glasses since i became a non-student contract employee two years ago.

my fingers are crossed, especially for the second opportunity, but i’m not stressed about it.  if neither one pans out, then i’ll have more time for other work, both self-created and external.  aside from the usual small businesss plans i’m always cooking up, i’ve been thinking a lot about credit unions as of late, and would like to see if i can get some sort of part-time entry-level position.

in case it isn’t obvious, i’ve reached a point in my melbourne life where i’m no longer really here:  my heart has returned to canada, and my mind is quickly following.  a few more days of tying loose ends, and then the body goes too!



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