how they roll in queensland. or rather, don’t.

i’m back from the epic road trip, in which oats and i took a camper van on a meandering adventure from brisbane up to the tropic of capricorn. i wanted to take my photo next to whatever landmark there’d be at the tropic, but guess what? there wasn’t one. wtf??? i know there’s one next to the highway at the tropic of cancer in mexico, or at least there was 15 years ago: it was a big concrete sphere, painted yellow. i was hoping for something similar at this tropic, but apparently that’s not how they roll in queensland. as a geographer, this bothers me: we musn’t take our latitude lines for granted!

actually, the disappointment of there being no landmark would have been easier to take, if the town at the tropic had been a little more welcoming to those of us with diverse presentations of sexuality/gender. rockhampton wasn’t the worst place i’ve ever been, and it’s not like the stares were anything new, but for some reason i couldn’t shake the feeling that in rocky, there might be more follow-through on some of the more narrow-minded beliefs. maybe it was the life size fiberglass bulls all over the place, reminding me of alberta.

it was a fantastic adventure overall, and i’m glad we did it. more stories will come. for now, i need to apply for two jobs that have come up in my home city. i’m not holding my breath for one of the them, but the other would be absolutely perfect for me… apparently other folks agree, cuz 5 different people emailed me the job posting. it’s nice to feel supported.

sun, wind, van, road... queensland!

sun, wind, van, road... queensland!


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