“i’ve got boxes of them.”


years ago, i worked with a bunch of jerks, in one of the few non-customer service positions i’ve ever held.  which sucked, really, because it meant that these douche bags were the only people i saw for 40 hours of my week.  after that type of situation, retail is very appealing.  at any rate, one day while chatting on the job, the topic of collections came up… as in, my stepdad is crazy into collecting stamps.  one of these dudes said to me with great pride that he collects books.  “books?”  i asked, thinking there would be some sort of expansion of the description, such as “comic (books)” or “1st edition science texts” or “russian paperbacks”.  when none was forthcoming, i tried to clarify: “any books?” “yeah,” he replied.  “i’ve got boxes of them.”

i took these photos of mounted insects at the melbourne museum a couple weeks ago.

every time i look at them, that little vignette is brought to mind.


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