feeling the “why”

i had a funny moment this afternoon, where i was suddenly feeling the “why” of my decision to come to australia. there was nothing unusual happening: i was out for a run and had just reached the part of the trail that goes through the gum trees at the corner of the sports field near my house. i suppose it was very beautiful, the landscape i mean, in a dense and urban sort of way. the morning’s fog was just starting to burn off, and there were sun beams coming down through the remaining mist. for that one moment i was simply very much so present, and things felt right.

of course, everything is going quite well… i’ve got a whole bunch of work building a website that i really believe in, my roommates are great folks, i’ve been reading lots, and my lover will be here in 10 days. also, there’s a pot of stew on the stove.

altogether, an excellent celebration of my 200th post on this blog.


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