classy dame… update on upcoming plans

random pic... amazing little lizard at a local wildlife sanctuary, stuck to the glass of the enclosure.

random pic... amazing little lizard at a local wildlife sanctuary, stuck to the glass of the enclosure.

it’s thursday and my roommates have gone out of town for a few days, so i have the house to myself. i’m celebrating with some cheap wine and an evening working on a web contract, cuz that’s the sort of classy dame i am. i am wearing lipstick, if that helps.

also, i ran 5.4 km today.

in other news, my beloved will be here in 17 days. we’ll be hanging out in melbourne for a couple of days, and then flying off to the city of brisbane (on the northern part of the east coast of australia). inspired by the desert adventures of the intrepid mae callen, as well as our desire to avoid the hassle that the binary-gendered dorms and washrooms of hostels could present to our non-binary-gendered selves, we’ve elected to rent a camper van for 12 days of coastal exploration.

oh fuck, i need to find out the rules for driving on the left.

after oats returns to canada, i’m here for one more week… during which i’ll be taking a course downtown, on pattern making!  sewing patterns, that is.  it’s a skill i’ve always wanted to learn, and what better way of spending this odd break i’ve taken from my regular life than pursuing such things?  after that, i’m flying home, and will be staying with oats in her tiny apartment above the square.  have no steady work lined up yet, except that my old volunteer job of working at the bike shop on sundays is turning into a paid gig… hurrah!

i’ll figure out the rest, i’m sure.  really, i need to take a grant-writing workshop, because i actually have a *lot* of work… it just doesn’t come with any wages at the moment.  that needs to change.


yes!  i have help!  oats, if you’re reading this, you’d better study up too!


6 responses to “classy dame… update on upcoming plans

  1. YES! camper vans! YES! Pattern making!
    Wahoooo. Here’s to having your bed and your kitchen with you, whenever the need for either arises, and properly fitting clothes!

    • feralgeographer

      yes! well-fitting clothes, made from wool and linen and cotton!
      also, yes to the snail-like existence of camper van life… heh heh… especially the bed part…

  2. Hey! Thanks for the comment! Look forward to seeing you when you get back! Have an awesome time and enjoy the journey! Have fun driving on the other side! And check out this that somebody sent me!

  3. Jonathan Culp


    Just dropping in. Havin babies in Melbourne huh…I gotta learn how to use my bookmark function so people don’t get quite SO far out ahead of me!!

    Haven’t dug very deep into the blog but will soon. Hope everything is good. I’m all the fuck over the map!

    Let me know if you’re ever back here, and I’ll do the same…still wanna get over there someday…

    • feralgeographer

      heh heh… no worries… to clarify, there will be no babies in australia, not for me at any rate! i’m only here for another month and a half. glad to hear from you!

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