a couple clarifications about the 2nd of those long shots

  1. this is the most important clarification that i need to make: though i used the singular personal pronoun “i” in my last post with regards to planning for a future with kids, i’m actually talking about a “we”. which is to say, i was researching options, but the execution of said options will also involve the thoughts, feelings, and energies of my beloved, oats.   she’s an equal collaborator in this whole venture.  as well, i suppose it’s worth mentioning that we’re also considering adopting older kids, in which case their opinions would be damn important too!
  2. when i say that i’m estimating $2000 per attempt, that’s specifically for intrauterine insemination with donor sperm at a clinic in my home city.  it includes a mandatory counseling session, ovulation-prediction equipment, purchase of sperm from a sperm bank, shipping of sperm to the local lab, preparation of the sperm, insemination by a fertility specialist, and some paperwork fees.  we could do it cheaper, definitely, but the chance of success may not be as high.  on the other hand, it could be higher, because there’d be less stress.  who knows?  for now, i’m thinking of investing in a quality ovulation prediction machine, because part of the key here will be timing and i can use all the practice i can get.  besides which, i’m a nerd: i love playing with gadgets and making graphs.
  3. i’m fairly certain that after we’ve been successful with the donor sperm and the child is born, we’ll need to go to court for oats to adopt the baby in order to be legally considered a parent, at an approximate additional cost of $800.  which seems crazy.  of course, now i can’t remember where i read this, and so i realize i might be completely wrong.  i’ll go look for that info right now.

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