long black, topped with hot water (they don’t do regular coffee)


i sent an email to friends back home, telling them when i’d be back and asking for job leads.  a former co-worker sent me a hilarious response:  it was a job posting for the position of director at the institute where i worked before i left.  ha!  damn, maybe i really should apply.  in fact, all of us who used to work there should apply…

the weather has turned cold and has been a bit wet, though not as wet as it would be in the autumn if i were in my home city. after a volunteer shift at the community radio station (i’m working 3 hours each week as a receptionist – something i’m rather good at and actually enjoy immensely), i walked around fitzroy for a while, taking photos and contemplating my dissatisfaction. i have a good domestic situation, am feeling happily connected with family/friends in other parts of the world, have plenty of time to pursue my interests, and am in an interesting new city. i’m going crazy with missing my lover, but otherwise am doing well.

still, it can be hard to find the momentum to actually do all the stuff i could be doing. i’m a big one on inertia, and tend to accomplish more when i’ve got a busy schedule with a lot on my plate. that’s what i don’t have here. nobody knows me, and there are few demands on my time and talents. it’s an interesting state to contemplate, because being useful is such a huge part of my identity.

a good cure for the angsty ennui inspired by these contemplations?

good melbourne espresso… accompanied by some sort of rice ball (typical weird health food snack).


also, photography. that always improves my mood.


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