dear mom and dad, thank you for the gender-neutral name

my phone rang as i was walking down the street, and a man asked to speak to me. well, actually, he asked to speak to the person who has my name. which is me. but he was confused by this.

“oh, it’s just that i was expecting a bloke,” he explained.

“no, i’m me,” i replied in a friendly tone of voice. because really, what else could i say?

up to this point, i though it was about a job. then the man introduced himself as a member of the local multihull yacht association, and said that he’d heard i want to go sailing. “yes!” i yelped.

i’d sent the group an email a few weeks ago, explaining who i am and giving the name of the boat and skipper with whom i’ve sailed in home waters. i got a couple of friendly emails in response, and i gave them my phone number in case there was an opportunity for me to crew at some point.

so now i’m getting picked up @ 6:30 am tomorrow morning, to go out sailing for the day on a… trimaran? catamaran? i forgot to ask, because i was too excited… and maybe a bit nervous that if i asked too many questions, my invitation would get revoked, since my unintentional gender-subterfuge has been discovered.

yay! i’m going sailing!

The view across my tidal pool (Mornington Peninsula National Park)

The view across my tidal pool (Mornington Peninsula National Park)


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