feral electrician… electrical geographer?

i got an email from the local college back home in canada: i’ve been accepted onto the waitlist for their electrical foundation program. said waitlist is 8 to 12 months long, but still… i’m excited. this is to obtain a preparatory certificate for electrician apprenticeships, which is not an official requirement for becoming an apprentice. however, it’s become the de facto standard for anyone seeking entry level work in the field because most colleges offer it and so of course journey-qualified electricians prefer to take on apprentices with that sort of experience to back them up.

there’s intakes every month, and it’s self-paced: the average length of time is 6 months. i think i’m a hot shot and could do it faster than that, but then we all know how big my ego is… and the sort of trouble it gets me into. damn those parents of mine for telling me that i could do anything i wanted!

now my next task is to find funding.

“hi, i’m under 30 years of age, female, queer, hard-working, cute as hell, a committed volunteer, outgoing and friendly, have all sorts of random DIY and mechanical skills, can’t find work in the discipline that i studied at university, and will jump through a ton of hoops to make your organization/union/association/whatever look AMAZING if you pay for me to go to trade school!”

yes, i think that will suffice. needs a bit of re-wording, maybe… but gets right to the point.


4 responses to “feral electrician… electrical geographer?

  1. hey you!

    excited you are in melbourne, you should go to this cafe i like called “wall two 80”. people in melbourne are serious about food and they are also snobs, so don’t tell any one unless you are prepared for conflicting advice. the reason i like this place is because the neighborhood is a weird mix of rich religious jews, russians, and i think, vietnamese.
    i’ll think of other things i want you to do so as to live vicariously through you!



  2. feralgeographer

    thanks mia… yes, please, give me tasks!

    i’m living up in balwyn, and volunteer once a week at a radio station in fitzroy, so balaclava (where wall two 80 is) has been completely off my radar thus far… but i’ve declared this upcoming seven days week to be my great explore-the-city week! i WILL go to this cafe!

  3. firebrand bakery, expensive but excellent.
    bike along the sea wall.
    st kilda is hilarious but the cakes aren’t tasty. maybe poppy seed pastries here.
    I remember a pizza place called bimbos, college-y but cheap and tasty.
    vic market of course, it’s wonderful.

    the arcades downtown.
    flinders stn and federation square is worth seeing, federation sq actually quite amazing.
    do you want me to email my uncle to ask about bike routes and other things? he’s into that kind of stuff. I also have another uncle who runs a DIY woodworking school for kids, you might like him. Maybe he can give you something to do? volunteer? His family is cool. He can be a bit intense.

    just send me a real email with the address you use now and we’ll talk.

  4. Footscray also cool, near shipping yards.

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