the sun still sets in the west…

…but everything else here is backwards.

well, not everything: i exaggerate. but still. it’s weird.

anyway, i’m here and happy and almost healthy, and getting into the swing of life in melbourne.

because i want to share stories and photos with family, whom i’d prefer to keep in the dark regarding this anonymous blog, i’ve started writing at a new, less-than-anonymous site. i may still post here occasionally, for those times when i really want to talk about the nitty gritty sex- and drug-fueled parts of my existence, but am thinking it’ll be spotty at best.

if you want to read my other blog, and you know me in real life, you can find it at (my first name spelled backwards) dot wordpress dot com. if you don’t know me IRL but still want to read it, drop me a line via the comments and we’ll see.


One response to “the sun still sets in the west…

  1. I’d love to read about your Australian adventures.

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