last day at the office

last day at the office and i arrived here first. the sun is shining as i bike up to this little 1950s bungalow where i’ve worked for the past 2.5 years. i pull up the window shades, and watch several rabbits scatter across the lawn, startled by my movement behind the glass. the pink rhodo at the edge of the parking area is blooming, a month late: we’ve had a cold winter.

at the end of yesterday’s work day, i said an offhand goodbye to my boss. “you’re not even upset!” she chided me in reply. well, no… i mean, if i hadn’t been so tired, i’d have probably been ecstatic, but mostly i just felt kinda blah. “there’s still tomorrow,” i reminded her.

which is today.

and honestly? i don’t feel that different about it: i’m leaving, it’s a good time to leave, that’s it.

besides which, my coworkers are moving to a new location within the next few weeks: they’ll be sharing a couple tiny rooms on the 2nd story of a new building that was purpose-built to be offices and laboratories. no massive kitchen, no back patio, no bay windows, no fireplaces, no coved ceilings, no view of lawn covered in grazing bunnies, no deer wandering past and snacking on fallen apples from the trees along the foot path: just glass and steel and concrete, surrounded by a parking lot. i need to get out of here before then, because i’m much too romantic to survive a move like that with all of my optimism intact.

pebble lodged in log, sombrio beach, february 2009

pebble lodged in log, sombrio beach, february 2009

UPDATE: my co-workers organized a sushi lunch in my honour, and gave me $100 in australian cash. it looks like play money, and i am so thrilled.


One response to “last day at the office

  1. Your optimism can survive almost anything save feeding your own pessimistic thoughts.

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