things worth noting:

  • the degree to which my mother and i find one another annoying is decreasing as we get older: we are getting more alike in all the best ways, making it very enjoyable to spend time together. this is not a phenomenon to be taken for granted.
  • a good quality in an ex is that she lets you borrow the car and the dog at a moment’s notice, especially when it’s for an impromptu hiking event to which she is not invited.
  • i miss the dog. oh gawd, i miss him. i didn’t quite realize how much until we were at the spit and he was running joyously along the beach: my heart just about exploded then, because i still can’t believe he’s not mine, that he’ll never live with me again. having said that, it’s nice not having the responsibility. or the hair.
  • my apartment is fabulous. i already knew this in some ways, but frankly, so few people have seen it that i’ve had limited opportunity to test the theory in a real-life situations. more people have come by in the past week than in any other time period except during the original occupation of the space, and i suddenly saw it through their eyes. it’s not just the space itself: the excellent friends upstairs and landlady next door are a vital part of the happy package. i think it’s time i have a housewarming. as i leave. ha!
  • my lover is fabulous. she charmed my mother to no end (not a surprise), and even chauffeured us all over town in a horrid standard transmission car, all the while doped up on painkillers from recent surgery.
  • standard transmission: wtf? i don’t get it.

One response to “things worth noting:

  1. Simplemente una...

    Thank you!

    Now we just need some chickens, outdoor worms, pre-fertilised eggs, babies and we are one happy community.

    By le way, I thought of you this morning; have you seen “Mambo Italiano”? If not, we have to make a date and watch it.

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