meta-post: the cat’s nose is always wet.

…so i thought i’d take a photo of it, and do a new blog header.

he’s going to stay here while i’m in australia:  my ex, who brought gamin into my life, has just agreed that he can live with my upstairs neighbours during those months. i’m relieved, because though i know my ex would love to have him back, there’s a lot of other animals at her house and i worry about his destructive tendencies.  it’s one thing when he kills sparrows around here, and quite another when that small bird is someone’s pet.  besides, it’ll be much less stress for him.

my neighbours, however, might not realize what they’re getting themselves into:  this cat bites, snores, steals, begs, and has less of a meow than a horrid rumbling squawk.  oats and i bet he’ll have them doing his bidding within a day, and i’ll return to a cat who is fatter than ever before… bless him.



6 responses to “meta-post: the cat’s nose is always wet.

  1. So handsome he is, so handsome. And bitey.

  2. he’s had a rough life… you see it in his eyes. well, in what you can see of them.

  3. Simplemente una Mujer

    Your upstairs neighbours are glad to find out that The Gamin will be co-habiting with them.

  4. he bites because he loves!!!!

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