yeah, this is my bag

i saw this meme over at amanda’s and am quite amused by it… never having been the type to carry a purse, i think it’s funny how i still *need* to have a backpack or satchel. here’s my current everyday bag:

safety pins = punk rawk... or just lazy?

safety pins = punk rawk... or just lazy?

i’m not particularly fond of it, but it does the job very well and that’s enough. when i leave for australia, i’m going to ditch it.

i got this bag for free, and it was in perfect condition. i added a small strap and clip so that it would stay on my back while i cycle. my friend will gave it to me, as he was distributing many items picked it up from the overflowing campus dumpsters at the end of last spring term (we call this phenomenon “hippy christmas”). the patches are covering a logo of some sort; my friend em made the one on the right.

i’m pretty utilitarian, i guess… there’s nothing very exciting about my bag’s contents! if it reveals anything, it’s that i’m into media production and wealthy enough to own a bunch of electronics. first thing this morning i was downtown doing an interview for my radio show, and am doing another show for the women’s collective this afternoon; i don’t always carry around all this stuff. frequently, but not always.


counterclockwise, from left… i’ve got:

  • a spiral-bound notebook
  • 2 usb portable storage keys
  • 2 pens
  • cell phone (yes, the screen has an amazing radiating crack in it)
  • a cd case containing two cds (one is an interview, the other is a whole episode of my show)
  • an envelope of photos of me and my lover
  • assorted papers, mostly radio show scripts and background notes
  • headphone adapter so that i can use my headphones on mixing board at radio station
  • headphones
  • mp3 player
  • soporific tea
  • sinus medication
  • 1 rubber band
  • 2 hair elastics
  • 3 hairpins
  • digital recorder
  • mesh bag containing ac power source, usb cable, extra batteries, and foam muffler for digital recorder
  • digital camera (not pictured, obviously)

yep. that’s it. huh. i would have thought there’d be something more obviously bike-related or queer or literary. oh well.

i’m going to follow amanda’s lead, by not tagging anyone in particular to do this meme next… but if you want to, post the link in the comments so that we can all enjoy judging you and your possessions!


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