Why Poladroid Is My New Favourite Toy

i remember when playing a video game meant pong or a text-based james bond mission.
i learned how to make mix tapes at the age of 7, and recorded most of my music from the radio onto cassettes.
i grew up using dos prompt commands to run computers.
when i did photos for my high school year book, i used 35mm film, mixed chemicals to process it, and spent hours inhaling fumes in the dark room.

i sew with a cast-iron 1941 electric flywheel singer machine. i ride a single-speed steel bicycle with cork handlebar grips and a coaster brake. i’d rather salvage solid wood furniture than have anything made of particle board. i like leather, wool, copper, ceramic, linen, tin, paper and a good façade of old-fashionedness. i like things i can make, things i can fix, and things that will last. call it steampunk, call it neonostalgia, but i’m thrilled by the power of wifi internet, cellular phones, and tiny digital storage because it means that i can easily hide away all electronics and wires. if i can’t have an old thing, i’m happy with a new thing that effectively captures the appeal of the old.

which is why i’m so charmed by poladroid. i never had a polaroid camera, but a lot of my friends did, and they played a large enough role in my youth that i find comfort in the familiarity of odd hues, dark vignette effects, slight blurriness, and fingerprints. now i can recapture that aesthetic by transforming my photos with free and easy software!  there’s even appropriate sound effects.  sometimes, it’s the little things.



8 responses to “Why Poladroid Is My New Favourite Toy

  1. cute nothing… you are absolutely gorgeous.

  2. aw, shucks…

  3. i was all excited cause i thought you were using an actual polaroid camera, and had found a secret stash of film. well, something other than ebay.
    then i went to the link and now i understand… it wasn’t a typo…
    i really tired. my brain is operating in ‘slow’.

    • oh, em… i was thinking about you when playing with the software, cuz it seems like something you’d like. sorry i’m not gonna make it to the amazing cd release show on friday night… i hope it goes well!

  4. Ditto Airbeans.
    To quote you: “…le sigh…..”

  5. That is a gorgeous photo of you!

    • thank you thank you thank you!
      now i know that next time i’m feeling down, all i hafta do is post self-portraits on the internets to get me some good loving… sweet.

  6. dude, it’s the only way i get through February. SELF LOVIN, is way easier with back-up.

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