“…the promise that we can eventually find peace of mind.”


regaining hope
having faith in the future
thinking positively
counting your blessings
seeing the light at the end of the tunnel
feeling great expectation
looking forward to success

being inspired
regaining motivation
realizing an inner strength
seeing the way clear
being stimulated to a higher level
receiving the answer

being generous
wanting to give or share
spreading the wealth
opening your heart
giving back what you have received
letting love flow freely
offering with no reservations
holding nothing back

feeling serene
experiencing peace of mind
finding your still center
remaining untroubled
savoring perfect calm
being tranquil amid trouble
enjoying harmony

People have always looked to the stars as a source of inspiration and hope. There is something about their twinkling light that draws us out of ourselves and up into a higher plane. When we turn our eyes heavenward, we no longer feel the distress of earth. The Star reminds me of the clear, high voice of a soprano. There is something otherworldly about it. All the harshness and density of everyday life has been refined away leaving only the purest essence. After being exposed to the Star, we feel uplifted and blessed.

In readings, the Star is most welcome when grief and despair have overwhelmed us. In our darkest moments, we need to know that there is hope,that there is light at the end of the tunnel. The Star is the opposite of the Devil who strips us of our faith in the future. Card 17 holds out the promise that we can eventually find peace of mind. The Star also reminds us to open our heart and release our fears and doubt. If you have been holding back in any way, now is the time to give generously.

It is important to remember that the Star is inspiring, but it is not a card of practical solutions or final answers. Truly without hope we can accomplish nothing, but hope is only a beginning. When you see Card 17, know that you are on the right track. Your goals and your aspirations are blessed, but to realize them, you must take positive action. Use the light of the Star to guide you in your efforts.

– Joan Bunning
Learning the Tarot
Copyright © 1995-2007

k invited me to join her at the fire in her back garden last night, which was a checkpoint in the bike race. when they arrived, racers were invited to take their commemorative spoke cards from a spread. in keeping with the magic that permeates k and her garden, the cards featured selections from a tarot deck, and k gave each racer a run-down of the significance of their choice. she let me choose one too, and i must say: my selection couldn’t have been more appropriate.


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