the (moderately) great feminist scifi giveaway!

…by which i mean, of course, that the items to be given away are definitely great, it’s just that there’s only three of them, and they’re rather pre-loved. also, my dear readers aren’t that numerous, so i doubt the competition will be fierce enough to qualify as “great”.

at any rate…

while perusing my shelves yesterday, i realized that i have two copies of each of the following books, and i’d like to pass the doubles on to new homes. want one? just throw in a comment, and i’ll mail it to you! first three commenters win!

and if this goes well, next week i’m using the same tactic to pawn off the cat and an old couch.

the books are:


5 responses to “the (moderately) great feminist scifi giveaway!

  1. you feel so inclined as to mail me the very best one of those three options, I promise to read it cover to cover from my hammock. “Planet of Exile” has a nice ring to it though…

  2. I haven’t read any of them (my sci-fi reading is somewhat behind), but I live in Korea.

  3. Your more favourite of the Ursula K. Le Guin, please. !! :)

  4. great!
    now, the cat?

  5. Hmm, well Metal Steve does want a cat. But we are moving to Montreal soon, so there would be two moves for the poor creature in a short span of time…

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