36 days left.

i’ve never seen a single episode of WKRP in Cincinnati, but that will be changing over the next few weeks: having completed veronica mars and feeling bored by buffy, i’m moving on to educating myself about other cultural references that i’ve been missing.

WKRP comes up more often than you may think.

especially when one’s work environment has degenerated into this:

masking tape + floor = individualized office space

masking tape + floor = individualized office space

one coworker did it first, as a joke, but then another got really into it, and next thing you know… hey, i finally have my own office!

which could be rad, if it weren’t so fucked-up.


7 responses to “36 days left.

  1. Have you watched “Arrested Development”?

    • yes, yes, yes i have. all of it.
      i used to shun all teevee: that was during my more-punk-rawk-than-thou days. now… well, yeah, i’m embarrassed about how much i watch. i like to have something playing on the laptop while i’m making stuff at my sewing table. that last season of veronica mars helped me produce the pieced top of my first from-scratch quilt!

  2. We use MythTV for all our tv stuff, which means no commercials (yay!) and no mindless watching (we just tell it what to record and it does, then we watch it later) and the rest we just download.. The darker-humour the better, of course. (“Dead Like Me”, “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”, etc)

    I like to watch CSI while I’m sewing or when I’m on the treadmill.. Did you know they’re making a Veronica Mars movie? (Or did you tell me that? Hmm.)

    • whoa, vmars movie??? no, that’s news to me! hmmmm… not sure if i like the idea… gawd, i’m so cranky ;)

      i’m now looking up mythTV, dead like me, and it’s always sunny in philadelphia. violet, you educate me! thank you.

  3. The movie, from what I recall reading, was going to start at the end of graduation from college..I’m not holding any high hopes, really. (I’m also not holding out any hope for the “Ramona Quimby” movie that’s in the works. Gah.)

    Did you watch “The Wire”?

  4. a ramona movie??? yeah, i’m with you on that: gah.

    no, no wire. maybe that’ll be next. after wkrp ;)

  5. Be forewarned – The Wire is wickedly intense. It takes a few episodes to get going (because the first few are all introductions to the situation, the people, etc) and then you’ll find yourself unable to watch anything else at all. And when the series ends, you’ll weep and gnash your teeth and make unreasonable promises to the Universe…

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