my new home! (er… i think) *UPDATED*


ah, the wonders of modern technology… my friends and soon-to-be-roommates in australia have found a house to rent, and sent me a link to where it is on a map of melbourne. by using the streetview function, and then taking a screenshot of the resulting photo, i am able to share with you an image of what may be my new home. whether or not i got it right, i’m unsure, because the web tool says “address is approximate”. still, it’s the neighbourhood. hmmm… kinda looks like east york, in toronto…


yes, that’s it! yay!


4 responses to “my new home! (er… i think) *UPDATED*

  1. That’s so exciting!

  2. yes! yes it is! i’m so stoked…

  3. yay can i use this map-streetview function to grab screenshots of you, leigh & sheri moving in?

    • feralgeographer

      that would be hilarious… and the answer is no, because that’s not how it works. however! maybe we’ll install a webcam or two, and then you can! and depending on what else we do in front of it, the webcams could even pay our rent!

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