watching the inauguration…

omg, aretha franklin is singing now… wow.

my boss told us all to stay home and watch obama being sworn in this morning, so i’m following orders. have had the radio going since 7 am, and am now watching the live coverage on the cbc website. actually, my boss tried to get us to come to her house for breakfast, and promised waffles, but she lives so far away I decided to skip it.
my mom and stepdad drove down to washington from toronto, and i’m looking for them in the crowd… but there’s such a mass of people that i doubt i’ll see them. in fact, they may not even have made it, because they went to stay with friends in the suburbs and were going to take the subway into the city at 4 am: i heard that the streets were already crowded at that time this morning. yeah, my parents are pretty keen on obama.

annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd, he’s in!  welcome, president obama!

i need to get my stuff together and bike to work now, but first i have to say: i am so glad that obama has been elected, if only because of his ability to revive the great art of oratory. call me old-fashioned, but i love a good speech. i realize that it would not be difficult for a politician to surpass the low standards of public speaking set by the last american president; however, that aside: the poetry and cadence of obama’s inauguration speech is inspiring, and just thrills me.


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