feral by request


since em commented on my last post that all i show you are “teaser” photos, i thought i’d let you in on what you’re missing, with a nice zoomed-out shot: look! gamin is helping me with my sewing project!

mmmm, cat @ss…

i didn’t make the quilt: i just repaired it for a friend because the panels were coming apart. of course, once i had it in pieces, i decided to replace the cotton lining with some batting that i had laying around… i’ve *got* to use up all these art supplies, cuz i can’t bear to think of packing them up yet *again*.

with that in mind, i’m going through the clothes as well as the fabric and doing what i can. a dorky long skirt (100% wool, lined, only $12 @ value pillage in toronto! even my stepmom was impressed, and she’s totally creeped-out by secondhand clothes!) became a totally kickass short skirt, plus… this belated solstice gift for my bff –>

teh skillz, i haz dem.

while sewing, i usually watch/listen to bad teevee: i’ve just started into buffy. should i bother telling you how offended i am? the sexism, the uniform whiteness, the f*cked up cultural representations? no, you’ve heard it before. to think, all these years i thought i was missing out, and now i’m glad i skipped it the first time ’round.

critical analysis aside, what really bugs me is the music. was cool music in the 90s really that bad? last week my buddy c interviewed me on his radio show about what music has influenced me, and i said that it was my cheapness that had me first listening to old punk bands like the clash, because i could get their albums from the library or thrift stores. now i’m reconsidering this concept, because the music on buffy is so tedious and yet so familiar: it’s no wonder i got into punk.


4 responses to “feral by request

  1. The most annoying thing is that everyone and their sister will tell you that it’s a feminist show but not be able to tell you why they think that.

  2. yeah, that’s one of the reasons i’m watching it: i hear the feminists and the queers love the show, so in theory, i should too!

    at this point, i’m hoping that what i’m seeing (and hating) is just the growing pains of the show’s first season. i mean, can buffy really spend another seven seasons complaining about a lack of dates? can i seriously be expected to continue believing in willow’s supposed brilliance, even as she refers to “africa” as though it’s a singular place instead of a massive continent composed of a wide variety of cultures and environments? can there really be another seven seasons that show sunnydale as a homogeneously white society? (have the creatures associated with the hellmouth already preyed on all the people of colour? if so, how is it that nobody noticed?!!)

    still, i’m optimistic… and at least i have something new to rant about.

  3. that was a solstice gift? rad!!! i’m enjoying seeing the item modeled on the internet. now i feel even fancier.

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