mongolian felt panniers for bicycles!!!


More info to follow shortly… With more photos, including some of the panniers on my bike!

For now, I simply have to tell you how amazing this is: Through my job, I know someone who works with womens’ felt-making co-operatives in Mongolian, and in chatting with her about new products for the international market, I suggested that cycling panniers would be pretty cool. Next thing you know, she’s taking my ancient cheap nylon panniers on a trip to Central Asia, and a month later here I am with the most beautiful panniers I’ve ever seen!

Especially because they are far above and beyond all of my hopes for ethical consumption: Constructed primarily from renewable resources! Made by women in a democratic work environment! Created using traditional skills! Marketed at fair trade prices! ZOMG!

These are a prototype: When I suggested the idea, I said that I’d buy the first pair and try them out, so that the co-ops don’t lose any money on the project. I iz teh guinea pig! And paying for the privilege, gladly. Tonight these are going onto my bicycle, and we will see what happens.  I’m predicting that they’ll get covered in mud, and that despite this fact, I will still be flooded with compliments on how gorgeous they are.


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