w00t! (meta-post)

hey, look!  this blog now has a new year’s header, only 8 days late!  considering that i still haven’t written nor sent the solstice cards that i so lovingly silkscreened last month, this is a serious improvement on my usual ability to do things on time.  w00t!

[photo from new year’s eve 2007/2008: ribbon around candle at a fancy dinner]


4 responses to “w00t! (meta-post)

  1. I know you don’t live, like, next door. But could you find an excuse to come visit and teach me how to silkscreen? :)

    Happy New Year!

    • feralgeographer


      sure thing! how about… sometime in the fall? or maybe xmas? seriously, though: when i’m next out east, i’ll try to make it to kw. it’ll be a riot.

      btw, i just read your posts from when the boys first came to live with you (that was me, trawling through your archives again!), and i am extending a hearty and most well-deserved commendation for surviving your first year of parenthood! happy new year!

  2. Love it! I do this too. Maybe you can claim to be celebrating Lunar New Year? That’s around about the 25th this year…

    • feralgeographer


      good plan! and now that i think about it, i’m going to a celebratory dinner for ethiopian orthodox christmas in a couple weeks… i could send my cards out for that!

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