the monday round-up post

there’s nothing like hanging out with a regular reader to remind a blogger of all the things she’s left hanging over the past several posts. last week, i was lucky enough to share breakfast with the sagacious rrr (and his equally astute romantic companion), and the dude was all like: “ummm… aren’t you supposed to be in japan right now?”

oooh, right… maybe i shouldn’t use this space as a *partial* brain dump, considering that somebody reading it might be wanting continuity or an actual storyline or even just the odd tying-up-of-loose-ends. obviously, it’d be better it i simply downloaded all contents of my mind into these pages. or stop blogging. how about i compromise, and do a monday round-up post?


i’m not going. reasons: i can’t afford it. my regular life is too full of stress as it is, and trying to make it in a country where i don’t speak the language will be very exhausting. my main reason for wanting to go was because i wanted to spend time with m., and really, we could easily do that right here in the city where we both live. my other main reason for wanting to go was because i wanted to live in a different part of the world, and i’m eternally grateful to m. for getting me thinking about this, cuz honestly: until that afternoon when we bumped into one another and she started talking about japan, i had forgotten that i could leave this island.


i’m going. i have a plane ticket to melbourne: i’m leaving on april 3rd and coming back on august 10th. i have a work visa, and hopefully will be able to room with friends (if they find a big enough place!). otherwise, i’ll just find some rad unknown roommates, ideally bike geeks who are down with critical analysis, queers, co-ops, and DIY. from what i hear of the city, this should not be too hard. my friend who is living in melbourne has been recommending clothing choices, my mom sent me the lonely planet guide to east coast australia, and i’ve got a very wonderful person making plans to visit me there in june: these things make it feel more real, because suddenly it’s not all in my head.


i started a new contract today, and as per my request, it’s only three months long. this morning, i told my boss that i’ll be leaving after that, and she told me that she doesn’t blame me, considering the situation around here (currently, a power-struggle involving the five project directors… five!!!). so, i’ve got twelve weeks to wind up and document 2.5 years worth of publications and event coordination: a sincerely delightful prospect.


i took a class this past term, something you may not have known because i barely mentioned it. it was a graduate level course, though i was taking it as a non-degree undergrad… the only one in a seminar with 7 other students who were all working on their masters’ degrees. this could have been overwhelming, but was actually quite good. i do well with a small audience. the course was in feminist research methodologies: i loved it, i hated it, i was in frequent crisis about it… and i pulled off an A, as well as a general sense of relief that i didn’t get accepted into graduate school cuz otherwise my days would be full of that sort of thing.

instead of trying for graduate school again, i am back to thinking about my plan to become an electrician. i couldget some scholarships and start the 6 month foundation program next fall, with the long term plan of getting together with all my other rad tradeswomen friends and forming a feminist workers’ co-op contracting business. eventually, we’ll get our own reality teevee show, in which pink will act as host while we build affordable and sustainable housing, are damn clever, and look damn hot. we’ll mentor young women in trades, and generally be a successful community economic development initiative. yay, dreams! srsly, it could be fantastic.

carpal tunnel

my (hawt) acupuncturist went to india, and i’m no longer a student so don’t have extended health coverage and thus cannot afford the massage therapist. have not been to a doctor in months, and don’t plan on it. i wear the wrist brace (fake-honky-flesh-tone corset!) most nights while sleeping, and received a p0werb@ll gyroscopic hand-exerciser-thingy as a solstice gift, which i think has been helping. for the most part, i’m hardly in pain anymore: my wrist is just very stiff, sometimes the fingers are numb, and it cracks a lot when i twist it. i’m going to start a 12-week set of (queer!) yoga classes next week, to aid in strengthening muscles as well as relaxation.

new year’s eve

i spent nye waiting for my neighbours to arrive home from south carolina, because we had plans to eat dinner, drink wine, and fry some oliebollen. they never showed up (stranded in toronto), so i had an unexpected and delightful night with my best friend instead. we had such a good time, it’s surprising that we didn’t plan it. or maybe that’s partly what made it so good.


current books that lay half-read next to my bed are alanya to alanya (2005) by l. timmel duchamp, marion zimmer bradley’s the winds of darkover (1970), and sappho was a right-on woman: a liberated view of lesbianism (1972) by sidney abbott and barbara love. i love sci-fi, i love feminism, i love stuff from the seventies. right on!


for solstice, i bought my 18-year-old sister some lube and a vibrator.


3 responses to “the monday round-up post

  1. I loved every minute of this post!

  2. I had to look up ‘sagacious’ to be sure you weren’t getting a dig in at me… but for some reason, you were actually being nice. ;) Yeah, I pop in here once a week or so, it’s good procrastination (I still don’t wanna work on my thesis… well, let’s check up on the friends’ posties).

    And are you saying that your days in SCARP would be full of feminist research methodologies discussions? Hmm… not likely, but I get your point anyway. ;)

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