i’m struggling here.

at the advice of a friend, i’m watching veronica mars, which is an interesting television show thus far. i mean, yeah: what’s up with the cliche of the latino gang? but aside from that, i have a larger problem which is stopping me from even getting to the critical analysis that i love so much: there’s three well-dressed white teenage boys that play pivotal roles in the plot, and i can’t tell them apart. srsly. they are identical. i can see how the fact of their similarities exemplifies the whole weirdness of the homogeneity of the rich characters, and how it plays into the rich/poor divide in the fictional town where the story takes place… but really? i’m just confused.


2 responses to “i’m struggling here.

  1. Veronica Mars has always been recommended to me, but I’ve never seen it. I’m curious to hear what else you have to say about it.

  2. feralgeographer

    okay, i’m not so confused anymore… there’s only two boring white dudes now, and i’ve watched enough to tell them apart. i recommend it to you too, amanda! cuz despite all my criticisms, it’s a fuck*ng RELIEF to see a female protagonist who is as smart as veronica. i really appreciate how clever the show is. i’m sure this comparison has been made before, but it reminds me of a cross betweem twin peaks (though not as weird or scary) and the film mean girls (though not as mainstream).

    my main annoyance is the same thing that always pisses me off: the racial stereotypes. but i’ve been promised by a v.m.-loving friend that there’s a larger point behind it all, so i’m trying to have patience.

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