on repeat:

the studio version of antony and the johnsons singing fistful of love with lou reed.


you know what’s funny?  the things we don’t know that we don’t know.  i mean, in general, it’s weird to think about.  but specifically, this past weekend i spent a wonderful afternoon on the floor of my best friend’s bedroom, talking about the completely fucked-up romantic relationships in our pasts that seemed pretty normal and acceptable at the time.  was it because we were younger and more inexperienced than our current wise and aged selves?  or because so many other friends were in similar situations?  were the people we dated inherently abusive, or was it just the way we-in-particular were together?  how come we didn’t know what we didn’t know, and what did it take for us to learn it?  more importantly, how could we change things so that others can know it without learning it the way we did?


it’s a good song, though sad when you think of it being about domestic violence.  i like to pretend they’re actually singing about hot passionate sex, the kind that leaves bruises and bite marks.


One response to “on repeat:

  1. I’m sitting at work listening to this song, thinking about how many times I’ve had those very same conversations.

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