(the obligatory) nablopomo wrap-up

i guess i can take down the NaBloPoMo thingy on the left sidebar, seeing as november is now over and thus National Blog Posting Month has come to an end.

le sigh.

well, i guess i shouldn’t beat myself up over it, cuz my attempt to do 30 posts in 30 days wasn’t an epic failure.

not epic, no.

but… really, i don’t deserve much of a gold star or anything, do i? i managed to pull off 19 posts, which is 63.33%. blech. ah well. i blog because i want to share my writing, but without getting marks as i have when i’ve shared it @ skool… so, fuck it.

next time, i oughta set out a list of goals before i start a project such as this. in fact, i’m going to pretend i did! looking at it that way, i’m pretty pleased with myself. i feel as though i used this month very well, thank you very much:

  • i only moved to this URL for all my blogging needs back at the start of october, and despite the import of my archives, it was still feeling a bit bare and unsettled. you know, like when you move to a really great new apartment and you’ve painted the walls and added all your favourite old furniture and crap, but it still doesn’t feel quite like home? participation in nablopomo provided me with a chance to get past that awkward stage, by forcing me to post a lot of writing on this blog. now i feel like i belong here. it’s nice.
  • in the past, i’ve spent far too much time lazily reading the blogs of strangers, instead of writing my own. during nablopomo, i didn’t have that luxury… if i read something interesting on someone else’s blog, i’d run over here and write about my thoughts instead of just thinking them. yessirree, i was training myself to produce a product! oh gawd, when i think of it that way, i’m appalled. ick. still, it was fun to have a goal.
  • also, some of my thoughts were only half-baked, and i didn’t always have time to finish them (though i’d meant to before the end of the month… dammit!). so, i have a nice store of drafts to work on for later posting, during slow times.
  • i work at a computer all day. often, it drives me crazy. nablopomo forced me to be more focused in my non-work computer time, so that i didn’t end up spaced out over the screen for hours longer than i needed to. during november, i actually built up a nice bike, cooked a ton of food, spent a lot of time with friends, rearranged some of my apartment, read a bunch of books, and did a lot of sewing: in short, a solid list of computer-free accomplishments.
  • the groups on the nablopomo website brought me together with a lot of other great writers, whose blogs i now read semi-regularly. also, i got all curious about other bloggers who share my interests, so i spent a bunch of time searching through the blogging community and found even more folks whose writing i enjoy. in particular, i’m thinking of nikki, amanda, mizducky, mae callen, kyle, and violet… yeah, even though you don’t know me, y’all get shout-outs, cuz i think yer pretty damn cool.
  • for the most part, i’ve been a big lurker: i read peoples’ blogs, but never added a comment. now, i’m all like w00t! par-tay! er. well, maybe not quite. still, i tend to write comments a lot more than i did in the past… mostly cuz i now know how bloody boring it is when no one. ever. comments. (this is not a thinly-veiled plea for your attention, i swear! i actually get a lot of f2f commentary and that’s usually enough for me to feel the love)

happy december, everyone. i have one more day here in toronto, and will be flying to the west coast early on wednesday morning. this has been the worst trip to ontario i’ve ever had; i love the city and my friends here but insomnia kicked my ass, and i’ve barely been present at all this past week. apologies to those of you i missed! next year? or… you could come visit me?

i’m so happy november’s over, and am dead thrilled to be going home.


One response to “(the obligatory) nablopomo wrap-up

  1. Heya, FG–yeah, thank the good Goddess that NaBloPoMo thing is over. Noble experiment, not sure I’ll be moved to repeat it. And thanks for the shout-out! Yeah, that was one of the upsides to NaBloPoMo, hooking up with more like-minded blogpersons. Take care, and hope you get some sleep, dear! :-)

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