quelques symboles sataniques


i used to be a copy jockey at a large corporate office supply chain.  it was a pretty good job, all told… slack enough to be amusing, at that point in my life.  tonight i found myself using the self serve copiers in the downtown-ottawa branch of that same chain, doing stuff for work.  out of habit, i fixed several paper jams, and checked the discards in the recycling bins for weird finds.  i was surprisingly well-rewarded:  i’m not sure if you can read the writing on the page in the photo above (i was playing with the mirror effects), but what it sez is “quelques symboles sataniques”.  five examples are then given, and it is repeated five times on the page.

in english, this means “some satanic symbols”.

wtf?!  homework from school for satan worshipers?

seriously, folks, the mind reels.

i had been entertaining thoughts of visiting a local gay bar and having a drink this evening, but by late afternoon was finding myself way too tired.  instead i settled for a trip to the queer bookstore down the block (after stonewall), where i blew $50 on vital reading material.  i also charmed the two little old ladies at the desk by jumping into their conversation, to agree that judi dench makes the new bond film very worth while.  i <3 little old ladies, especially queer ones.  actually, i’m working hard at becoming one… a goal to which i get closer every single day.


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