it kinda feels like camping. only… not.


i was wrong in assuming that this hotel i’d be at would be cheap. i mean, i guess it’s cheaper than the other options, given that this is the nation’s capital and hotels are in high demand. i dunno what i was expecting, actually… just something more spartan, i guess. this room is almost bigger than my last apartment, and we had two humans plus a loud cat and a 70 lb dog in that space. the kitchen here is tiny, but i could still use it to produce a full meal if the situation warranted. thus far, all i’ve done is made tea in a pot on the stove. maybe tomorrow i’ll roast a chicken.

it’s past 1 am here in ottawa, and the temperature outside is below zero. the tea that i am drinking is of the sleep-inducing variety, and i hope it works. i’ve never stayed in a hotel room by myself before this. it feels weird. as is often the case, i believe myself to be a scruffy imposter who’ll get found out at ANY MOMENT. i mean, someone could bust in the door right now, and kick me out, while telling me that people like me, who believe in autonomy and non-violent communication and the power of collectivity and the ability of us all to solve our own problems… those type, them… people like me aren’t the kind who stay at nice hotels on their employer’s dollar.

because we don’t have employers?
or because we stay with friends/family/acquaintances/comrades?

hmmmmm… i’m not sure where that thought (anxiety) is coming from or where it’s going, to be honest… i’m tired from traveling and not thinking too clearly, let alone in any state to engage in serious navel-gazing. i just hope that if anyone’s gonna kick me out, it’s not until after i’ve slept for a bit.

it does feel a bit like i’m camping, though, i must say. i’m at an arbitrary location for a brief period and i’m saying “okay, this is my spot” and then i am making it mine for the next two nights and really, i may never seem these two trees again and wouldn’t recognize them in a photo but for now i’ve strung my hammock between them and am calling it home. i could come back next year and someone else will be in this spot so i’ll stay at the one just over those rocks there and it’ll be different but also still the same.  or different. or both.

[photo: sleepy geographer]


3 responses to “it kinda feels like camping. only… not.

  1. Ah, the move to hotels. I was a camper/hosteler and I still find the odd hotel stay incredibly bizarre. However, living in Asia has spoiled me and I now hate the idea of having to share a room with many strangers, for all that I recall finding it fun back when I was 20.

  2. feralgeographer

    hey, my friend ameera just said the same thing: she stayed at hotels during a recent trip through china and now says she’d be hard-pressed to enjoy sharing a hostel dorm. i’m getting there, but am still in-between.

  3. It’s those $5 a night guesthouses in South East Asia that do it. I stayed at one place where the owner was truly apologetic that he only had a double room and had to charge me a full $10 a night – I’m pretty sure I paid the same to sleep in a giant room of about 100 people in Copenhagen once!

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