backlit in transit


the airport in vancouver has free wifi, hurrah! sadly, i am not killing time between flights by reading the blogs of friends and strangers, nor am i writing long-awaited updates on my own (what happened to my plans for moving to japan/australia? how’s the wrist? where am i at with grad skool applications? what ever happened to the radio show? why haven’t i quit my job yet? etc.)… instead i’m mapping out the locations of copy centres in downtown ottawa, as well as the (ritzy) hotel where my employer is hosting an event on tuesday and the (cheaper) hotel where i’ll be staying.

i’m also finishing the layout edits on the documents for tuesday’s event, and worrying about how long they are. one document is a summary of select research projects of the national research network for which i work and it is over 200 pages long. tomorrow, i need to get 40 copies of this printed and somehow held together (binders?), in preparation for distribution to government officials the next day. they might never even look at it. my labour, it is underappreciate.

i am stressed and have not been replying to emails or phone calls. am hoping this will change once i am chez papa in toronto, sharing the paper and a pot of coffee at his kitchen table… that’ll be wednesday morning, and i can’t hardly wait.

[photo: this laptop has a camera, how funny!]


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