nablopomo status

nablo0890x33it’s the 14th day of national blog posting month, and i’ve still only written 11 entries in this here blog. [whining] i’d thought it would be soooooo eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeasy! [/whining] yeah, it’s not. i love writing, but i can’t always share what i write, due to sensitive topic areas or my standards regarding what y’all would find entertaining. or both. heh heh.

that’s all i have to say about it: when i first heard about nablopomo, i didn’t think it would challenge me, but it is. i work and i have a social life and i have a crappy wrist that prevents me from typing all the time and i often just want to read when i’m relaxing, not dump my life out onto teh internets.

however, can we succeed despite the odds? yes, we can!

which reminds me: i wanted to tell you about watching the american election…


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