my work is sending me to ottawa at the end of the month, and i’m going to take a week off afterwards to visit family and friends in toronto. so hey, everybody! are you going to be in or around the centre of the universe between november 26th and december 2nd? let me know…

as i’ve been writing this, i’ve also been fighting with the cat. he is determined to get inside the bag of tortilla chips that is laying on the bed next to me. he wants to nom on them until he’s full, and then lick the salt off the rest and abandon the resulting soggy chip-corpses for me to enjoy when i next stick my hand into the bag. don’t ask me how i know this. right now, he’s got his head and front paws in there, and the cellophane is crackling as he stretches his neck out in an attempt to get to the chips. they are too far away, oh noes! and i am too mean, even as i enjoy the spectacle… it’s time to wash the dishes and return the tortilla chips to the top of the fridge.

[photo: me and my mom, in montreal last december… i haven’t seen her since then!]


2 responses to “eastbound

  1. Hey… I’ll be in TO from the 21st to the 1st! So we can hang out in the CotU together…

  2. yay for week paid trips to see the fandamily!!!

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