lucky bike geek… revisited!

i just got home from work to find a bike leaning against the tree at the foot of the driveway.  it was on the neighgbours’ side of the yard, leaning against a tree that grows next to the curb: an orange sekine road bike with bright blue handlebar tape and chromed forks.  i thought it was maybe a neighbours’, though all of the houses on this street are single family dwellings that are set far back from the road… it’s the sort of neighbourhood where you’d put a bike in the garage or on the porch, not outside.  i thought about it as i went inside and put my own bicycle away.  at the very least, i decided, i should check to see if it was locked up.

if it wasn’t, was it something my neighbours were hoping would be taken home by a passerby?

was it stolen, and recently abandoned?

or… was it left there as bait or as a gift, by someone who knows how much i swoon over retro road bikes?

heh heh.  along that line of thought, i actually half-expected to find a note from a friend on the handlebars.  there wasn’t one, though… no lock, no note, no “free!” sign, nothing.  i brought the bike inside, wrote a note in big black letters on a sheet of neon yellow paper, and taped the note to a wire frame that i stuck in the lawn next to where the bike was.  i figure i’ll keep it for a week before deciding that it’s mine, though of course i’ve already measured the frame.  it’s 57 cm, the same as my peuguot:  too big for both the two folks for whom i’m wanting to built bikes at the moment, but might be right for my upstairs neighbour.


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