rainy, achy, reclusive.

the rain started on wednesday night, or at least that’s when it really started to come down. i biked home from work and it was stilll just grey grey grey. by yesterday morning, there were torrents. at 7:30 am, my best friend and i sat on the couch drinking coffee while looking out at the trees across my yard, and considered how important it was or was not that we leave the house.

just walking to the bus stop, my skirt and leggings were soaked.

halfway through my radio show, i read out the upcoming weather report: rain rain rain, all the way through to next week.

which is why, upon waking this morning to an even worse sore throat and aching head than i had yesterday, i contently went back to sleep instead of going to work. my boss is out of town anyway, and everything i should be doing could be done from home. truthfully, i probably won’t get much done, but whatever: i’m sick, it’s raining. time for reading (earth logic by laurie j. marks), low-effort cooking (black beans now on stove, will be spiced with chipotle for dinner tonight), cuddling (26 pounds of purr currently weighing down my lap) and watching movies (film noir! today’s choice is the big clock, followed by witness to murder). also, of course, blogging: can’t forget about the blogging, nosiree.


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