at the request of my coworkers, i came home from work mid-afternoon today: turns out that they didn’t appreciate my snotting and sneezing, not in the confines of our crowded office space. now it’s hours later and i should be sleeping away this cold, but instead i’m looking at the local online used sailboat listings and furiously rolling candles from sheets of beeswax in an attempt to use up my craft supplies. there’s a thirty-foot trimaran for nine grand. i don’t have nine grand. i do, however, have an active fantasy life. so i am becoming giddy anyway, thinking of the possibilities for my future life at sea. also, possibilities for solstice gifts: i have a lot of fabric, beads, and acrylic paint. also, wool. fuckloads of wool…

this post is supposed to be my health update. yeah, so: i have a cold. but what about the wrist, you ask? well, let me tell you!

my acupuncturist is hot. i need to state that outright, because if it came out later, after i’d gone on and on about how great an acupuncturist she is, you’d think i’m biased. i am biased, and now you know. deal with it. you’re fine.

the clinic i go to is at one of the traditional chinese medicine schools, and you don’t get to choose who treats you (though, if you need to return for weekly treatments, it’s usually with the same practitioner). this is the third time that i’ve taken a health problem to the school, and i had amazing people for both of the previous two sets of treatments. i guess this time ’round, i figured i might have already used up my luck. when i passed the punkity butch in the hallway upon arriving at the clinic for my session last week, i grinned at her and was rewarded with a smile in return. she was wearing a black shirt, while the rest of the students sport white lab coats: i thought she was another client. when she came to the waiting room and called my name, my first reaction was confusion. it’s nice, though: i’m pretty much over the whole “white-coat = authority” thing. besides, i’m not about to jump her or anything: i just like the fact that she’s hot. it keeps me amused.

why is the acupuncturist great, aside from this? she pressed a finger on the calming pressure point between my eyes when inserting needles into the tenderest point; she modified her treatment plan when i asked for fewer points; she sat next to me and worked out the knots behind my shoulder blade while letting the needles do their work; she is blunt and focused on solving the problems at hand.

i told the acupuncturist how the doctor at the campus medical centre recommended surgery and was not interested in the fact that i’m seeking “alternative treatment”, but did do multiple evaluative tests with me and devoted a good chunk of time to examining my hand, arm, shoulder, and posture. the doctor also gave me the massage prescription that i asked for, though as she handed it over she said: “you do realize that this won’t actually fix anything, right?”

that made me laugh, because it was so silly and… western medicine. after my telling, the acupuncturist shook her head and smiled too, and commented that at least the doctor was thorough and caring, which is really what matters in the big picture. yes, yes, yes it is.

so, my wrist: it is much better than it was. however, it’s still stiff, and sometimes the fingers are numb. occasionally, it aches inside the palm. also, my bicep and tricep intermittently go into spasms. as well, there are those crazy intense knots under my shoulder blades. i’m currently looking for a queer-friendly massage therapist (recommendations welcome!), so hopefully that’ll get worked out soon. mostly though, i just need to relax a fuck of a lot more. which is much harder than it sounds, cuz really? i’m kinda an intense person, even with myself.


2 responses to “needled

  1. i may have for the tightened muscles around yor shoulder blade: try to get a prescription from your doc for IMS therapy. it’s kinda like acupuncture, but with a physio using different points. when my entire right neck and shoulder seized up this spring it was a god-send – way more helpful/effective than massage which i initially used. only a few places in vic offer it; try jennifer (?) at shelbourne physio on cook street at view. goodluck my friend!


  2. thanks, sarah! i wonder if i can use my massage prescription, so that it’s covered by my health plan? i might get my wrist lasered, actually… just like your eyes! heh heh. srsly, i’m looking into it, because it’s supposed to be a very effective cure for cts.

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