change of plans

this afternoon, i was on my way to the discount travel agency when i suddenly realized that i don’t have enough money to buy a plane ticket.  hell, i don’t even have enough credit to buy a plane ticket.

this is an excellent illustration of the fact that i am, first and foremost, a romantic lover of ideas and plans.

it’s also slightly insanely disorganized of me, which i find rather appalling because i like to think of myself as being quite together.

and it’s a sobering thought, especially because i already got an australian work visa.

more than anything though, the situation has me laughing.  who the fuck did i think i was anyway, that i’d just magically run away to the other side of the world in the new year?  did i forget about capitalism?  how naive i let myself be!

i’m not sure of what my new plan will be.  i can go to japan first, still from april-june, then australia afterwards; that way i’ll have more time to save up funds.  or i can get the limit raised on my credit card and stick to the original plan.  or i could hold a fundraiser party… before friday, which is the closing sale date for the plane ticket i’ve reserved.  there’s lots of posibilities, and i’m not stressed about it.  if anyone hears of a crazy cheap flight to australia or japan, please let me know.


2 responses to “change of plans

  1. I have a friend that is an agent.. Maybe he can find something cheaper? Here’s his info…

    Helping people with travel
    250-405-5888 or

  2. thanks, julia! i’ve already been talking with a really great agent @ the travel cuts office downtown, so your friend probably won’t have anything else to offer… but i appreciate your thoughtfulness!
    tonight i’m going to talk with my best financial advisor: my mom. the reason she’s the best is that she’s the sort of person who believes in spending money on plane tickets over most other things in life: we are on the same wavelength in that regard.

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