bionic geographer

i went to the doctor this morning and was told that i have carpal tunnel syndrome in my right wrist. radness! or rather, not at all, since i depend on use of said appendage in order to make a living. the doc gave me a prescription for a brace, so that i can claim the cost with my health insurance: i am very glad for this, cuz otherwise i wasn’t going to use my student coverage, which would’ve pissed me off as it was a mandatory expense when i registered for a course this fall.

now i’ve got a bionic wrist.

sadly, the brace is that shitty fake-honky-flesh-tone colour. wtf?!! why not make it purple or green or red? or even plain black? that’d be sweet, actually, cuz it already has a corset-like set of brass eyelets down the length of it, with laces that are attached to velcro straps: make it black, add some lace, and it’d be really sexy. hey! i think i have a new product for my next craft-selling venture! etsy, here i come.

one more comment on the odd choice of colour for this device: it is going to be hell to keep clean. srsly, when i’m not doing computer stuff, i’m usually involved with something messy like food or paint. this light-coloured brace is going to get very dingy very quickly. also, bike grease! there is a lot of bike grease in my life, and it sticks to things.

yeah, this’ll be fun.

well, except that i’m not supposed to ride a bike now, because it puts too much pressure on the nerves in my hand. i was thinking about this as i biked home from the pharmacy, all braced-up, and have an idea that an upright cruiser-style with coaster brakes could work quite well. to be honest, it was cycling that really pushed me into getting checked out by the doctor, cuz the numbness in my fingers was making it difficult to brake effectively. but if all i had to do is back-pedal, that’d be fine.


5 responses to “bionic geographer

  1. Good luck with that, acupuncture should help….and if you make some sexy black braces let me know, mine are fake honky toned ;(

  2. hey
    sorry to hear about CT wrists, but i’ve never heard a brace described in such a sexy way. maybe i’ll try to get Carpal just to get your corset/brace combo. or just wear it anyways to be fashionable.

    as for your previous post… wow! careful not to give me the travel bug… i’ve been thinking about going to Italy next summer to visit new friends there.

    and by the way, I generally feel like the one “with the accent, the foreigner, the one who can’t understand what’s going on around her because she is removed from her cultural context.”

    guess i’m just a misfit with too much romance/nostalgia for belonging. :-)

    miss you friend!

  3. @squatterbitch:

    yay acupuncture! i went yesterday, and it was rad.

    i will definitely be telling TEH HOLE WIRLD about my sexy lacy braces when i start making/selling them!

    after talking with so many folks about it during the past several days (this thing on my arm is a great conversation starter – do you find that with yours?), i’ve been thinking a lot about the need for useful and stylish braces/aids/whatever, and how i could craft them. the shitty thing is that my current need for the brace is exactly what prevents me from improving said brace.

    we could all fuck with society’s concepts of ability by wearing wrist corsets; i support that motion.

    go to italy! i support that motion too!

    i <3 misfits… and miss you too, dude.

  4. just a quick recommendation: get an ergonomic assessment at work – my shoulder seized up this spring, and it really helped in the long term…

  5. @sarah r:
    for a second, i had this hilarious image of you getting an expert in to look at the way you paddle and navigate as a kayak guide… oh! you meant your eel-grass measuring job in the city! heh heh…
    the problem is that i work from a laptop, and not always at the same place. BUT i have taken your advice, or partly anyway: i looked up stuff online about healthy desk arrangements, and now have my laptop sitting up on a box with a writing tablet and roller ball mouse down low in front of it. i think it’s an improvement.

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