would you like my apartment for 6 months?

the plan has expanded: i am going to australia for january-march, and then to japan for april-june.

two of my favourite people here in this city are moving home to melbourne next month, and after hanging out with them this past weekend i suddenly thought to myself, hey! why not follow?

there are several reasons not to leave town for 6 months, actually… not the least of which is my current debt load. also, i *love* my current home situation sooooo much. also… *unbloggable stuff here*.

but yeah. really? it’s time. i want adventure, i want to push myself, i want to do something new. i want to be the cute girl with the accent, the foreigner, the one who can’t understand what’s going on around her because she is removed from her cultural context. i’m only eligible for international work visas up until i turn 31 years old, and if i’m not careful, that’ll sneak up on me before i’ve ever gotten around to doing these sorts of things… which would be a great waste of my wanderlust energy, because i have a feeling that it’ll peter out as i age. better use it while i’ve got it.

would you like my apartment for 6 months? it’s beautiful and spacious and quiet and lovely. pets are allowed and there’s a grocery store, cold beer/wine shop, and organic bakery/pizzeria within walking distance. send me an email if you want more info.

[photo: view from the porthole of a boat i wanted to buy, false creek, vancouver, june 2008]


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