should i go to japan, redux.

my buddy c was supposed to meet me for beer after work yesterday, at the grad lounge. while waiting for him, i bumped into m, whom i’d met at the dubcee some years ago. back then, we bonded over the fact that we both grew up in toronto. i think about her sometimes, cuz she’s one of those people who triggered my precognition: i’ve always felt like something in my future involves her. anyway, we chatted about academic angst/feminism/whatever while standing in the grad centre lobby. after a while, i decided that i’d been stood up by c, and accepted m’s invite to join her for a drink instead.

we only hung out for an hour or so, but it was one of those fast-paced energetic conversations that feed my expanding capacity for new plans and schemes.

remember last spring, when i wrote about deciding not to go to japan for 10 days? well, it’s come up again, but differently: m has invited me to share an apartment with her in tokyo for april-june. three months in japan… such a good amount of time! long enough to feel it, short enough to not get stuck in bad moods.

how could i afford it? m has a contract at a school for those months, and says i could probably teach too. but i don’t have any experience! could get some before going, i suppose: there are tons of ESL schools here in this city. m’s other advice is to simply get a working holiday visa, which is what she did when she first went there years ago. not sure if my smattering of bike mechanics/web programming/publishing software/co-op development/barrista skills would apply to many jobs, especially since i know next to no japanese. i’m a good copy editor, though. maybe i could just tutor english? or… be a conversation partner for queers wanting to learn english? heh heh. it’s a specialized vocabulary!

i don’t know. it’s an exciting idea. i’m doing pretty good financially, working evenings/weekends on website contracts. also, i used to be obsessed with japan, and even took a language class when i was fifteen. another consideration is that the visa is only open to people younger than 30 years old. i don’t want to regret that i didn’t take advantage of this opportunity. at the same time, it’s so unknown: whether i’ll hate it there, or not be able to find work, or if i’d be better off committing to bigger/better things here in my community. yeah. i don’t know. advice?


4 responses to “should i go to japan, redux.

  1. go to japan. I will live vicariously through you on this one. remember spain and the bimbo shelf? miss ing youxxxxxxxx

  2. everyone i know who has gone to japan has gotten a job teaching regardless of work/education experience.. it sounds fascinating. would you be able to keep your place and come back here? (if you wanted of course)

  3. feralgeographer

    amy… ha! your stories of the brief time you spent in japan is one of the reasons i want to go! i’ve already lived vicariously through *you* on this one, and now i want to see it for myself…

  4. feralgeographer

    julia- yes, that’s what i hear too. the fact that i have a university degree counts in my favour as well. the prominent tattoos and piercings, not so much… but i can invest in some long sleeves and take out the jewellery.
    yes, i’m looking for someone to sublet my place… see newest post!

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