my background gives me a great capacity for slacking off.

today i didn’t show up at work until 12:30 pm. i didn’t phone or email to say that i’d be late, and when i arrived, i simply greeted everyone and sat down at my desk, as if it were perfectly fine for me to disregard standard operating hours.

cuz really? it is. at least, it is in my head/heart.

this is how it all starts, my friends… the slow waltz into quitting my job.

i got an email on the weekend from my boss, saying that the new director has requested each of our CVs so that she can have a better idea about “our capacities and backgrounds”. am i the only one who sees this request as a scare tactic, meant to intimidate us and feel insecure regarding the future of our employment with the institute? maybe i’m just overly sensitive about the fact that a) i have little to no “background” in the work that i do, and b) my “capacity” is based entirely on being naturally pushy and curious.

…which is to say: on paper i really don’t look as good as i am.

i put the question to a co-worker, who assured me that i’m indispensable regardless of my (lack of) formal education. she, on the other hand, feels that her contract will not be renewed. given the new direction around here, in which it’s all about PhDs-and-secretaries, i agree with her about her future, though i’m not as confident about mine. the thing is, we both want to leave anyway… so really, not getting new contracts in january could be the best thing to hope for, because that means we’ll be eligible for e.i.

in which case, i suppose i need to muster up enough enthusiasm to show up for the workday, so that i don’t get fired before i get laid off.

the best part about me playing hooky this morning? nobody said a damn thing.
…and i know i probably shouldn’t, but i take that as tacit approval.


2 responses to “my background gives me a great capacity for slacking off.

  1. ahhh but i bet you do look good on paper.. you just have to word it correctly.

  2. feralgeographer

    thanks, julia… yes, i think i need to learn more about spinning…

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