zomg!!! ursula k. leguin!

i’m going to see ursula k. leguin speak at the vancouver international writers festival!!!

a friend has the contract to do their website and he hired me to do bits of it. i happened to mention to him that as boring as coding can be, this was an enjoyable job because some of my favourite artists are gonna be at this year’s fest… including shaun tan, kinnie starr, ivan e. coyote, and of course ursula k. leguin. he arranged to get me free tickets to see her! even better, it’s “an intimate evening with”: all leguin, all the time.

i am so stoked.
now, do i bring *all* of my books to be autographed, or only my favourite? or do i act cool and calm, and simply listen to her talk instead of behaving as fanatical as i feel?


3 responses to “zomg!!! ursula k. leguin!

  1. Long overdue comment, but none the less: how was it, and what cooks did you bring in the end?

    (I admit to being a tad jealous… ;))

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