welcome to the neighbourhood…

i just want to say hi and hello and thanks for stopping by, to the folks who are visiting this blog for the first time after knowing me from previous blogging endeavours.  i hope you feel comfortable enough here to comment like you did at the other sites, and that you like the feel of this new one as much as i do!
take care
stay free
– feral g.


3 responses to “welcome to the neighbourhood…

  1. Oh how lovely it is!

    I will continue reading; thank you for continuing to write.

  2. Dear fg, i’ve been lurking on your tribe blog for a while, because it means I get to nose into your life without writing you emails (which i’ve gotten bad at since hands played up)
    I’m back in london transferred into the second yr of a photography BA, and just moved house. Life is good, and hectic again.

  3. Hi L

    i miss you so dearly! i also am very attracted to your new blog design. perhaps sexually so. :-) especially the broken windows across the top.

    i also abandoned ship, Livejournal was putting ads up and i couldn’t go back so I’m back on Radio Free Peaball on blogger.

    But WordPress im”presses” me. Perhaps I might migrate again. i will keep reading. but lets talk for real sometime soon!

    I love all the photos on your blogs, of everyday things that you find and see and think about. It puts magic back into my world, to see the magic in the mundane and to reimagine the normal.

    much love

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