the stupid bags are near identical.

today i came into the office and made coffee, just like i did yesterday morning. when my boss arrived, she went to pour herself a cup, and then yelped. holding up the bag of coffee that was still sitting next to the coffee maker, she exclaimed “it’s decaf!!!!”. omg. that’s the bag i opened yesterday, and used to make the 2 full pots that we all shared between 8:30 am and 1 pm. suddenly, so much of yesterday’s lethargy and fuzziness MAKES SENSE. late morning, i had to attend a training on using citation software, and my coworkers thought i was getting sick because i was so spaced out. then i spent the latter half of the afternoon in class, drinking down a travel mug full of coffee and yet falling asleep. i thought i was losing my mind.

when i recounted this via chat to my coworker in van, he replied with this link. fuckin’ hell, right on! i <heart> the kids in the hall.


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